Being the only student symphonic orchestra of the region, Ensuite aims to bring together players of all levels to play high quality music. The last years Ensuite has played many different pieces and themes, ranging from the “Peer Gynt Suites” and “Echoes of Ossian” to more modern themes like “Call of Duty”, “Angry Birds” and “Tetris”.

Not only are we a fast-growing orchestra, we also are a very warm and friendly group who enjoy spending time together, both in the bar after rehearsals as outside of the regular rehearsal hours. Who knows, you might even spot our conductor Bart Partouns in the bar! Everybody is welcome to join our orchestra, but we are especially looking for strings, bassoons, horns and percussionists. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to drop by!

Symphony Orchestra Ensuite rehearses every Wednesday form 19:30 PM until about 22:15 PM in the Bunker. The first open rehearsal is on September 14th, but you can drop by anytime!